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This dressed dolls are reproductions of the 19th century antique dolls from Eastern Europe - the lands of present day Bulgaria, parts of Greece, Macedonia, Serbia and Turkey. They are dressed in art replicas of the then traditional celebration costumes. The doll's jewelry and adornments also are an art adaptation and art replicas of the 19th century ones. The fabric of  dolls' costumes is a 19th century authentic fabric from which the costumes had been made. It is more than a century old fabric! Each of this dolls is one-of-a-kind doll, a unique doll, whose body is sculpted by author and dressed in an authentic costume. She craft the costumes by hand in much the same way the real traditional costumes and the antique doll's costumes had been crafted during the 19th  century.
PRICE: $150
PRICE:$ 240



This UNIQUE doll is made of Cernit, polymer clay, the hair is natural, hair-mohairthe eyes are hand- painted

The costume is a traditional folk costumes along the Struma River in 19th century in Bulgaria.

Height - 8.27 "( 21cm)












This doll is made of Cernit clay

the hair is natural, human hair

the eyes are hand-painted

The kuker- doll's costume and a face mask or a head mask are made of a he- goat fur.
The he-goats whose fur is used for the costumes and the face masks had been specially bred
and groomed to produce a superior fur, suitable for the ritual mask of a kuker.

Height with hood -15.75"( 40cm)

Height without hood - 10.63"( 27cm)