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FantaSlide 8 Foot Only
Slide Covers. Afraid of the dark. Scared of the Boogie Man. Well, at least going down your slide is safe with your own personal fantasy hero, the FantaSlide. This slide attachment fits 8 foot slides only and can be easily cleaned with a regular garden hose. Attaches by drilled holes in slide.

Mini FantaSlide
Slide Covers. "Make Playtime into Pretend Time" Decorative slide covers enhance playtime. Patented Design is safe and durable. Mounts directly to slide and playset. Slide Covers provide protection from the sun. Assembly instructions and hardware included. Flame Retardant and UV Treated.

Climbing Rock Wall 5 Foot
Rock Walls. Watch your children develop confidence and coordination as they scale their very own "backyard mountain." This sturdy Rock Climbing Wall features custom made, professional-quality hand-holds and attaches easily to wooden swing sets with 5' high platforms.

Baby Seat
Swings And Components. Free Standard Shipping. Safe and comfortable bucket seat made of high quality resin. four point suspension with adjustable ropes. Safety bar incorporating locking device which can be released to allow the child to be put into and taken out of swing.